I will

  • Respect for Persons: Keeping an open mind that all should be treated equal and fairly with clear communications and understanding what they are participating in.

I will

  1. Practice informed consent.
  2. Tell everyone what my study is and why I am doing it.
  3. Practice uniform and courteous affairs which are appropriate to the specific culture.
  4. Consider how my bias impacts my behavior when doing field work.
  5.  Ask appropriate questions and be prepared for all interviews.
  6. Understand that much like me all people are bias and you may only get a one-sided story.
  • Beneficence: Positively and truthfully representing your field through clear communication and feedback. 

I will

  1. Give positive publicity to you organization.
  2. Not take any statement out of context when interviewing members of my organization.
  3. Ask permission before using photos or any forms of identity.
  4. Provide feedback and drafts to your organization.
  5. Share any financial benefits with the organization that I had studied.


  • Justice:  Respecting the entirety of a subculture.

I will

  1. Keep an open mindset toward my informant.
  2. Listen and engage in conversation when appropriate.
  3. I will understand the back ground of the subculture and do all research necessary.
  4. Select my informants fairly.
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