MP #1 Research Proposal

H.B. Suggs has not always been an integrated school.  We plan on researching more (in detail) about the school and it’s background.  We chose this school because we were both familiar in the area that the school is located in.  It is located in Farmville, NC.  Our project will include further research on what has already been started from last semester.  We will continue the timeline on this school with research about the sports teams’ integration and segregation issues as well as the faculty (consisting of lay offs, and firings at this school.)  Our research question is “Were the people who attended the school (who were of different color) get treated differently, and if yes, how so?” We haven’t really explored the research we proposed considering we just thought of what to do today.  We will get back to this proposal as soon as we can with brief research.  We plan to interview people who attended the “black” school, and the school is now also a cultural center so we are going to make a trip to see what that is all about.  Some challenges we plan to face are not being able to pertain enough research to continue the timeline project, as well as, having trouble traveling to the school and cultural center considering it is in a different town.  Also, our schedules are booked so we have to work around what we orginally do to plan time to work on the project.
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