What I don’t know, know, and how can I fill in the gaps?

What I know, don’t know, and how I can fill in the gaps about the school/issue

What I Know

  • The school is now a cultural center
  • It is located in Farmville
  • One of the first black school in Pitt County
  • There is a timeline on our blog with specific dates and a lot of information
  • We are going in detail about sports and faculty of the school

What I don’t know

  • How I will find time to travel to Farmville
  • The specific dates and events off the top of my head
  • Who some of the faculty were originally
  • How the sports teams were ran, by who, how well or poor they did

What I’m Going to do

  • Visit the school
  • Interview teachers (then and now)
  • Interview sports members/coaches
  • Try to find old year books for the purpose of both sports and faculty.
  • Talk to the girl that was in charge of this project last year to see what information she has
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